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We in Pantagis are accepting guest articles and we welcome Digital Marketing specialists to share their unique account assessment and opinion with the readers.

In spite of the fact that we are specific about what goes on in our site, we really give time to  every guest post request that you submitted.

Our simple reminder is kindly read the guidelines before sending us any request because we don’t hesitate to reject the requests that do not stick on to our guidelines.

Key Points: We get a lot of guest post request and our review process is too long. It would be ideal to be patient with us since it takes 7-10 business days to act in response. In the event that you don’t get a response until 15 business days you can utilize your article to other guest posting sites. Please don’t send follow up emails on your request, sorry but it won’t help.

Recommendation: If you want for a timely publishing, Pantagis has other Sponsored Guest Post alternative. This is different to the regular guest post because sponsored write-ups published within 1-3 business days, but it must still meet our guest post guidelines and also need to review by our panel of editors.


Pantagis Covered Topics:

• Small Business
• Technology
• Marketing
• Blogging
• Conversion Optimization
• Start-up Business
• Digital Marketing
• Travel
• Lifestyle


We don’t accept press releases, product and service reviews.


What Do We Publish?

Infographics: You can send us your well crafted infographic along with catchy introduction.

Expert’s Opinion: If you are an expert in a certain industry with significant experience and has excellent digital presence, you can send your opinions relating to the Digital Market Industry.

Digital Marketing Education: Expert in both digital marketing and educating the audience, you can send your how-to-articles, research and case studies.



Before submitting the stories please read, understand and follow our guidelines for productive article submission.
• Know that basic first– article must be grammatically correct.
• Stories must be interactive, informative and appealing- Every post aims to give important information to our readers.
• Well Structured– Must have sub headings, bullets quotes and images that talks about your topic where readers can imagine what you are trying to convey.
• Humane Tone- Your target readers are human, so please sounds like one in your story, use first person degree and speak to the subject directly. Do not promote any service or product in your content.
• Word Count- It should 800-1000 words.
• Images- Do not use irrelevant and copyright images.
• Content- Use statistics and quotes in your content for more vivid description.
• Original- Must be unique, plagiarism free.
• Bio- You must include your personal bio and headshot along with the article.
Pantagis Right- We have the right to remove promotional links in your article, we only  allow you to link on informative and relevant story. Also, we have the right to edit your article or its title and we can republish your story or share it on any social media platform giving the credits to the author.

If you don’t follow the above guidelines, you will not most likely get a response from us!


What happens when we select your story for publication?

• Your selected story is sent for editor’s review, if it requires any changes we send it back to you with comments.
• Writer has the right to republish the story citing the Pantagis as the first publisher.
• You do not pay for the published guest stories.

If you’re ready, send your guest post articles for review to guestpost@bfaoutsourcingsolutions.com.