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The Pantagis Family proudly invites you to take a look at our inexpensive wedding hall in NJ in the comfort of your own home! Our videos here offer your first taste of the Pantagis Renaissance experience as you get to see clips from weddings. Picture yourself elegantly descending our marble staircase, just one highlight of your special day.

Next, peruse our photo galleries to see our New Jersey inexpensive wedding halls. In our wedding gallery you'll see how our attention to detail transforms our facility into the perfect setting for your personalized wedding experience. Notice the subtle differences in the different weddings: Pantagis is here to give you the specific experience you're looking for, all at a price you can afford!

Want to see more? The Pantagis Family proudly invites you to come in for a tour so that you might experience for yourself our more than thirty- five years of gracious hospitality. Call us to schedule and have a closer look at our inexpensive wedding halls in NJ!