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5 SEO writing tips for small businesses and startups

They say that good writers are born, not made. For small businesses and startups that have limited resources and probably can’t afford good writers, they can create great articles using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

This will ensure that you make original content that contains specific keywords or keyword phrases to attract a captive audience and help your website rank better than the rest. Writing like an SEO expert Philippines also means that search engines like Yahoo or Google will easily find your website.

To be an SEO specialist Philippines or in any part of the world, here are some writing tips to consider courtesy of BFA (Biyaya, Forro & Associates) Outsourcing Solutions (, a digital marketing company based in Davao City, Philippines that helps clients save time and money:

Don’t forget your audience

It’s important to know who you are writing for so you don’t leave readers in the dark. Visitors will find your blog interesting if they find articles that appeal to their needs. Don’t expect visitors to linger in your pet-related site if it’s crammed with articles about plumbing or carpentry.

By identifying your audience, you can create relevant content that wll make your target market come back for more. Answer their questions that are related to the industry you specialize in and assert yourself as an expert. This will make your site more interesting and informative.

Create catchy headlines

Your headlines should attract readers as well. Bear in mind that their time is probably limited, so make headlines that scream what your readers need to know in a short amount of text. They should be clear and have the right amount of keywords or keyword phrases if possible so you’ll sound like an SEO expert. This will likewise tell readers and search engines what to expect from your blog.

Don’t forget to make relevant meta descriptions that further explain the topic of your blog. Remember that both your title and meta description are visible in the search results, so make them as interesting as possible.

Break up your blog

Not literally, of course, but your articles should be made of small paragraphs. This will make them easy to read and understand. Don’t bore readers with too many details or very long sentences that take forever to read. Make your blog short and sweet so your readers won’t get lost in a jumble of words.

Add some eye-candy

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so add enough images to your blog to make a big splash. Filing your blog with nothing but words can alienate people and make them ignore you no matter how well-written your article is. Surprise or startle your audience with eye-popping images and you’ll add more traffic to your site.

Propel content with social media

It’s best to share your blog on social media sites to attract a wider audience and increase your readership. Incorpprate share buttons on your blog posts so people can easily spread what you’ve written and promote your site.

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