Philippine Outsourcing – The Sunrise Industry

The industry of outsourcing in Philippines has brought numerous jobs to the Filipinos. It has become an aid to the increasing unemployment rate in the 1990s. Today, fresh graduates and job seekers are applying to different call center companies in the Philippines. Call center Philippines hired and trained thousands of candidates and eventually employed them to their company.

Some schools in the Philippines have upgraded their English subjects to match the needs of the call center industry and to produce good English speakers in the country. Nowadays, many call center aspirants apply in the industry regardless of what course they took up. A call center is one of the well-paid jobs in the country.

The Advantage of Filipinos

The call center Philippines caters the clients of foreign companies like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia that require fluency and proficiency in the English language. The Philippines has an edge compared to the other countries because of its quality but offers cheap rental space, low salaries, affordable utilities, and a supportive government.

How the Philippines Become the Top Destination for Outsourcing?

Outsourcing in Philippines is appealing in most of the foreign companies to disperse their business operations. Filipinos have known to be excellent in handling customer services. The Philippines has low costs or charges on businesses in which investors can afford and can increase their profit rapidly.

  • Low Costs – Most foreign companies choose the Philippines because of its low operational costs, salaries, and overhead costs. They can save up to 40% of their money when they outsource to the Philippines. It helps businesses boost their income without sacrificing service quality. When outsourcing, it will save the foreign companies from buying furniture, computers, and other tools need in the business operation.
  • Skilled Workers – When we talk about the quality of labor, the Philippine workforce is leading in the BPO industry. Each year the country produces a huge number of equipped graduates with advanced skills in the latest technologies. Most of them are willing to enter in the BPO world and develop their skills more.
  • Fluent in English Language – The Philippines is known to be one of the largest English-speaking countries around the globe. The English language is the official language and the medium of instruction in all academies and other institutions. It makes the Filipinos more confident, proficient, clear, and understandable in communicating with the customers.


Philippine Outsourcing is considered as the ” Sunrise Industry” by the government because of the rapid and massive development and provides jobs to the people. The BPO industry is spreading across the country. The Philippines call centers are booming and continue to flourish in the coming years.