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How BPO Companies Support the Healthcare Services Fighting Covid-19

The world is facing a very serious pandemic in history. The spread of the SARS-COV virus has a very fatal effect on any kind of business sector. The economy is dropping down not only locally but also to other countries. Multi-companies are suffering from great loss within 3 months of lockdown due to enhance community quarantine. People around the world are also affected aside from being cautious that the virus might spread, they think more about the basic needs such as food and water to survive.

The BPO industry is trying its best to help not only in business but also they are willing to provide healthcare services to support the fight against COVID-19. This is not all about the business BPO industry also desires to help the global economy by using its expertise in quality customer service. Willing to give accurate service since we are dealing with an unknown adversary.

Healthcare BPO Companies in Fighting COVID-19

It’s been six months that the world is fighting the pandemic and it looks like there is no sign that the cases are slowing down or will stop since the vaccine is still not yet available, all that you can hear are other countries made some clinical trials but there is no concrete evidence. Controlling this-worldly pandemic is not easy but one of the effective ways but challenging steps are don’t go out, if it’s not needed, social distancing, and to be clean all the time. It’s like a war between men and invisible enemies.

Authorities, medical staff, social services workers are the top frontliners beating up this pandemic, they can prevent additional infections and demise by securing crowded places, do some testing, contact tracing and giving out goods to families that have been lost their jobs during the lockdown.

On the other hand, Business Process Outsourcing Companies’ way to support the frontliners and to help to avoid spreading this virus is by counselling, yes you heard it right! other BPO companies hired professional advisers in the medical field or their agents with a medical degree. For instance, after achieving the contact tracing, agents will give the aid or advice, they are the one who is giving direction to the infected people not to worry and give them tips to conquer the illness. This is one of the important factors to prevent the emotional distress of the COVID-19 patient thanks to those Call Center Philippines who implement this kind of service, it means a lot when you save lives through your own hopeful words.

How do Agents Help?

Agents can also assist the healthcare services by regularly monitor the health of a person under monitoring (PUM) through email, text or calls to look closely if someone has developed the symptoms of the virus. In case of the symptoms already occur, they are going to advise them on their next step of action. To be definite healthcare business also need to choose a suitable call centre for this kind of service. Giving this kind of project of contact tracing to a company who can’t handle the process is a waste of time, mission failed. So, what are the qualification should a healthcare company required when identifying HealthCare BPO companies to do the tracing method? The following are listed below:

  • Had an experience in healthcare or medical accounts or services because they know medical terms and can give basic medical advice.
  • Multilingual- you don’t even know that the person you need to contact is holding different citizenship.
  • Multichannel- Able to work with different digital services such as emails, text or call without difficulty to reach out to the exposed contact.

Lastly, healthcare agencies across the world need a thousand knowledgeable contact tracers who can promptly perform the contact tracing technique. Contact tracing BPO companies could make the job less difficult for the healthcare industry. Facilities with multilingual and multichannel capabilities can enhance the efficiency of contact tracing in the Philippines to ensure improvement and manageable spread of the virus. Outsourcing companies are a great help to our healthcare service faster and can sooner identify the person who develops the symptoms. This is a battle not only by the infected person this is the battle of all the living, to clean and save the world from this lethal virus.


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