5 Factors That Constitute an Exceptional Customer Experience

Recall the last time you had a good experience as a customer – think about the goodness that moment left you feeling. Now, recall the last time you had a bad experience as a customer and think about the moment you swore you are never buying their product again. A positive customer experience is essential to the development of your company. A satisfied customer is likely to become loyal and even share your services with other people. You know you are giving your customers the best experience is when they promote your brand for you.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is beyond your customer service department. It is a holistic approach and a responsibility of everyone in your company. Contrary to customer services, which directs mainly on a single interaction, customer experience focuses on the overall customer journey. Businesses, big or small, must ensure a seamless and consistent customer service delivered over a period of time to impact a customer’s notion of the brand. This is why companies invest in inbound call center solutions to ensure that their customers get the excellent service they deserve.

Your customers’ experience will carry their impression of your brand. Whatever the impression, it will have an impact on your reputation and revenue. The two elements that influence a customer experience are the people and the product. How do your customers feel about your product? Are they happy with the support they receive from the call center agents? These are two of the questions that companies must answer to identify if they provide an outstanding customer experience.

Here, we will tackle five more factors that businesses must constitute in giving their customers the excellent experience:


Customers expect to contact you on their schedule via email, chat, messaging, and other platforms. Customers expect companies to answer and solve their issues and not waste time repeating their concerns. Businesses must ensure that relevant information is available across different platforms for customers who prefer to solve the problem themselves and offer digital ways to communicate.

 Friendly Attitude

Nothing can replace kindness and manners. A compassionate and friendly attitude of employees when interacting with customers can make all the difference. Agents must greet customers with enthusiasm. A “thank you” can go a long way when delivering customer service. Customers will always remember which companies serve a friendly service and those that don’t.

Understanding Customer Pain Points

When providing an excellent customer experience, businesses must understand their audience, conduct surveys, and make use of the data gathered. There are tools available to help companies to analyze customer data to improve and build a long-lasting relationship with their customers. However, using the data for spamming their emails can give customers a desperate impression of the brand. Thus, businesses must identify the fine line between using customer information from force-selling.

Seamless Interactions

Seamless digital interactions mean your products and services are available and within reach to the customer’s preferred channel. A proactive guide must be available to deliver any kind of support that every customer may need. Easy checkout options, payment terms, and smooth after-sale services can influence satisfaction.

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Also, your website must be easy to navigate and is mobile-friendly. Having relevant keywords and SEO-friendly content can also contribute to your customers’ fulfillment. According to Aberdeen Group, “A 1-second delay in page load time may lead to 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.” Meaning, your website’s speed can make or break a sale, and there must be a little waiting time when customers load your website or its subsequent pages.

Reasonable Price or Premium Pricing

Costs are undeniably a primary contributor to an excellent customer experience. However, your target market can be a significant factor in your products and services’ pricing strategy. Let’s say you are a jewelry brand; higher pricing gives your products the prestige factor and premium status. However, if you are an e-commerce site selling apparel for medium-class women, lower pricing can bring your brand a positive outcome. It has become accessible to compare brands and prices online, so you need to give your customers the right and reasonable prices.


A healthy relationship with your customers will assure you of revenues. When you show your customers appreciation and provide excellent service, it will not be difficult for them to be loyal to you. You could offer small but impactful gestures to your customers, such as greeting them by their name, make notes of previous transactions, or send them personalized emails.

Evidently, customer experience is the leading factor that determines a business’s standing in the coming years. Whether virtual or cloud-based, or through face-to-face interaction, every company operating at any scale must dedicate a share of their resources towards inbound call center solutions to develop excellent customer experiences.